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We want to preserve our planet

The hotel Le 830 is committed to respecting the environment because There Is No Plan(Et) B !

Our goal is to obtain the international “Green Key” ecological label.

The climate is changing. Therefore, we all need to respect natural resources, consume responsibly and think green. The Hotel Le 830 is convinced that we all have a role to play in saving our planet for future generations. We have taken several steps to reduce our energy consumption, produce some of our own energy through solar panels and obtain the international "Green Key" sustainable tourism label.


Hotel le 830

Invitation to adopt an eco-responsible behaviour

Hotel Le 830 Namur invites you to adopt an eco-responsible behaviour during your stay. How can you do this?

=> Take care of water. Water is a vital resource for life on earth. You will act for the preservation of water by:

  • Turning off the tap:
    • in the shower when soaping up
    • while brushing your teeth
    • while shaving

       1 closed tap = 12 liters of water saved per minute!

  • Reusing your towels more than once. This helps to reduce water consumption and therefore the amount of washing powder that pollutes it.

    A hanging towel means "I will use it again".
    A towel on the floor means "please replace it".

       1 reused towel = 6 liters of water saved!

=> Electricity is produced from limited natural resources, save it! You will act for the preservation of energy by:

  • Turning off the lights, television, and air conditioning before leaving the room or at night before going to sleep
  • Not leaving your electrical devices switched on when they are charged
  • Turning off the heating as soon as you open the windows
  • Closing the window as soon as you turn on the air-conditioning. 
  • Maintaining a reasonable room temperature in your bedroom. The recommended temperature at night is 18°C (1° saves 10% on the energy bill).
Hotel le 830

Our ecological footprint

As well as trying to raise awareness among our customers, we are also doing as much as possible to reduce our ecological footprint. Here are our main actions: 

  • We have invested in photovoltaic panels that cover a good part of our consumption, among other the one necessary to power the air conditioning that we wanted for your comfort.
  • The floor heating in the hotel lobby and the kitchen stoves are powered by natural gas, which is the most ecological fossil fuel (25% less CO2 than other fossil fuels)
  • Our showers are equipped with a water-saving shower head (less than 9 liters per minute).
  • We favour short circuits. Favouring companies and retailers in our direct environment has many advantages: less energy spent, less packaging, products at a fair price, fresher products and without forgetting the strong links that are forged when working with these local businesses and shops. Our central location in a major business park allows us to work with many of them. For example, we work with:
    • La BoulangeriePâtisserie Minne, our local baker who supplies us with bread and pastries on a daily basis.
    • Nuance 4 Copyhouse, a local green printing company that produces our various printed materials.
    • Stardekk, a Belgian company and Mews, a Dutch company that supply us with all our hotel software.
    • The French GM Group, from whom we buy the environmentally friendly hospitality products that we put in our rooms for our guests. The GM Group works with industrial partners who are committed to respecting our planet and have numerous environmental certifications.
  • We have installed charging stations for electric cars in our car park, which are also powered by our photovoltaic panels.
  • The cosmetics and other hospitality products that we make available to our guests in the rooms and bathrooms are nature-friendly and all made from bio-sourced, recyclable, and recycled materials.
    We have chosen, among other things, to offer soap and shower gel/shampoo dispensers with formulas guaranteed to be free of preservatives and coloring agents, certified by the European and Nordic Ecolabels (Nordic Swan). A dispenser reduces plastic consumption (35x less than the use of individual plastic bottles).
  • We clean our rooms, brasserie, kitchen, and public areas with Ecolab ecological cleaning products. These products help make our world a cleaner, safer, and healthier place, protecting our guests, staff and vital resources. An Ecolab dosing system has also been implemented to prevent overdosing of products and to help us rationalize costs.
  • Our in-room coffee machines offer Puro Fair Trade coffee capsules, and our meeting room machines offer Puro Fair Trade organic coffee beans. Puro is a premium sustainable Fair Trade coffee brand that helps create and protect rainforest reserves in coffee producing countries. Puro coffee is produced by the roaster Miko Coffee, a Belgian family-owned business.
  • and so on.

And we will continue to invest in a sustainable future as long as we can...

Hotel le 830